Builds for vs2015 and vs2017

Oct 31 at 10:04 AM
Are now available as beta from my companies opensource GIT repo, together with several other plugins for load and web tests.

Version 1.0 of the Web Service Plugins for Web Tests has some bug fix from the previous vs2013 release (better exception handling) and now installs as a Visual Studio Extension (VSIX) Package, for the current user only (not requiring elevated rights, using only personal folders). I plan to release the extension on the Visual Studio Gallery soon, for distribution and simple install from there once it's more mature.

You can download the latest builds without registering on the site, but I'd be happy if you registered and helped out with the Project. Please use the Issue tracker of the Project for reporting bugs and problems and suggest features.

The site also has builds for vs2012 and vs2013, that contains the bug fixes but are still the old AddOn installs requiring setup and elevated rights.